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CCIPS Designation Workshop (Designation)
Sample reports from your competition will be reviewed. Bring your own finished or unfinished reports for evaluation and comments from the instructor.
Topics to be covered include:

New Page 1
Listing Presentation
  1. Opening cover letter
  2. What you should expect from your broker
  3. Why you
  4. Why your company
  5. Property description
  6. Current rent roll
  7. Pro-forma rent roll
  8. Detail expense sheet
  9. Lease abstract for commercial properties
  10. Properties sold by you or company or franchise
  11. Rent comparables
  12. Sales comparables
  13. Price sensitivity analysis
  14. Property analysis
  15. Pictures and maps
  16. Your system or approach to sell property
  17. You company and personal guarantee
  18. The sales process from sellers point of view
  19. The escrow process from sellers point of view
  20. The loan process from sellers point of view
  21. Seller net sheet


Sales Presentation
  1. Items 1 to 15  and 18 to 20 above from buyers point of view
  2. Market overview on property type
  3. Why real estate - 4 economic benefits
  4. Why real estate vs. alternative investments
  5. Buyers net sheet

Loan Presentation

  1. Cover letter
  2. Property description
  3. Current rent roll
  4. Detail expense sheet
  5. Lease abstract for commercial properties
  6. Rent comparables
  7. Sales comparables




Course Requirements: Open mind and will to succeed
Prerequisites: Completion of SIPS, SIP - A, and 1031 TDE classes recommended but not required
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