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Financial Management for Realtors & the Self Employed (FMFR)
Become financially independent in these trying times, retire in style. Structure your business to maximize your bottom line (Sole proprieter, C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC which is best for you and why) . We’ll discuss income tax reduction strategies, pension and profit sharing plans, in depth estate planning strategies, investment analysis & so much more. This class is designed from an unbiased perspective to give you the information that you need to create YOUR OWN financial plans, along with the guidelines to selecting the right professionals to help you. We discuss insurance plans, stocks, real estate or other investments but do not sell any of these products. Each student will also receive a free FINANCIAL PLANNING software program, enabeling them to create a financial plan that specifically meets their needs.
Topics to be covered include:

Course Requirements: Basic Calculator, Add, subtract, multiply & divide
Prerequisites: None
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