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The CCIPS Institute offers educational courses that are presented in an easily understood, concise manner to optimize the learning process. CCIPS classes can be taken individually as your schedule allows.

If you are part of a group and wish to have us conduct one or more of the classes on site, please click on Sponsoring Groups.

Click on the appropriate link to obtain a more detailed outline of each course.
  1. Selling Income Property Successfully (SIPS)
    Learn how to analyze, list, sell, and finance investment properties in 6 hours!
  2. Selling Income Property Analysis (SIP A)
    Investment & Commercial Real Estate analysis today. Why prices increase or decrease, what is to be expected in coming months? What is the cap rate required to obtain a specific cash-on-cash return?
  3. 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges & Alternatives (1031 TDE)
    More than a 1031 exchange class. We cover not only what qualifies as an exchange, but more importantly should you exchange or take advantage of alternatives.
  4. Financial Management for Realtors & the Self Employed (FMFR)
    What every agent and independent contractor needs to know about their business. Should you operate as a C-Corp, S-Corp, Sole propr ietership, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership? Which enables you to reduce your Income Taxes.
  5. Tax Aspects and Exit Strategies for Highly Appreciated Properties (TA)
    Indepth understanding of all types of taxes with emphasis on Income, Estate, and Gift taxes and how to reduce or eliminate these taxes.
  6. Group Ownership and Investment Real Estate (GO)
    Why invest in a group ownership (GO) investment? Should you be creating GO's for your clients or direct them to other agents group projects? What pros and cons should you know about TIC projects?
  7. Contracts & Negotiations (C & N)
    A comprehensive review of contracts used to complete Investment & Commercial Real Estate transactions and in-class exercises negotiating the listing, offers & counter offers.
  8. Selling Income Property Creative Solutions (SIP CS)
    Advanced Commercial/Investment Real Estate concepts. Object of class is to get you to think out side the box. Every Real Estate transaction has more than one solution.
  9. CCIPS Designation Workshop (Designation)
    Our goal at CCIPS is to teach you how to take the information learned in the classes and make powerful presentations to your clients. Learn the correct techniques to beat out your competition, get more listings, close more sales and obtain the right financing for your transactions. This is why the requirements for getting your CCIPS Designation include completion of three presentation reports. We want you to be a successful Investment/Commercial Real Estate professional, that is why we are holding a free workshop to help you start or complete your reports.