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Certified Commercial Investment
Property Specialist Designation (CCIPS)
The CCIPS Designation is a professional certification that indicates that you have successfully completed a stringent course of study and have achieved the expertise required to achieve success in the buying and selling of income-producing commercial property.

In earning your CCIPS Designation, you will learn all aspects of investment property analysis, listings, sales, marketing, taxation, group ownership, financing, 1031 tax deferred exchanges, financial planning and more.

CCIPS further assists designees in evaluating what's available in the technology marketplace and what tools are specifically needed to maximize the effectiveness of the sales, listing and analysis process.

"The CCIPS Designation program got me up to speed quickly. I went from knowing nothing to closing deals in about a year, and I'm enjoying a lot of success in the investment real estate market. The best thing about CCIPS is that it was cost-effective to earn the designation... and they don't charge me a yearly membership fee."

Dan W.
Orange County Realtor