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AnalyzRE Tools - $250.00
Become the ultimate investment and commercial real estate consultant with the AnalyzRE tools. Eleven mini Investment Real Estate programs all in one. Be able to answer your investors' questions in a matter of minutes instead of days!
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Enjoy eleven mini Investment Real Estate programs in one software program. Excellent complement or replacement for your HP calculator
1) IRR analysis for any series of cash flows
2) Land Residual analysis for income producing property
3) Land Residual analysis for a tract of homes
4) Tax on sale of investment property analysis
5) Band of investment theory analysis -Computes Cap Rate needed to get a specific cash on cash return
6) Max commercial property loan amount based on Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
7) Loan constant calculator -Computes loan constant for any loan which then can be used in the Band of Investment Theory analysis
8) Variable loan calculator -Computes loan balance for any loan where you can vary interest rate and payment on a month to month basis
9) Loan pay down calculator -Computes how fast you can amortize a loan by varying the loan payment and
10) Loan payment calculator -Computes monthly loan payment to amortize any loan amount.
11) Compare for economic benefits of real estate ownership against other investments.
(Need Microsoft Excel on your computer)